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It wasn’t much, but 22-percent of the fantasy baseball world felt that Mike Cameron was rosterable. He’s not any longer.

According to Amalie Benjamin of The Boston Globe, Cameron was sent to the disabled list on Monday his stay may be longer than 15 days.

Mike Cameron, who was scratched from yesterday’s lineup and sent to Massachusetts General Hospital, has been diagnosed with an abdominal tear near the attachment site of the abdominal muscle and the pelvis, according to a team source. The injury is a type of sports hernia, and will send Cameron to the disabled list, enabling the Sox to bring up a much-needed replacement.

Now that 22-percent of you need an outfielder, let me give you three options.

  • Jose Guillen, Royals - Not only is Guillen batting .377, but he’s blasted five home runs already and has a stolen base. He’s only owned in 64-percent of fantasy leagues.
  • Colby Rasmus, Cardinals - You’ll be buying low on Rasmus who only has a .216 batting average, but three home runs. He’s owned in 55-percent of fantasy leagues and should explode onto the scene soon.
  • Josh Willingham, Nationals - With three home runs and two stolen bases, Willingham is starting the season hot. He’s also batting .333 and only owned in 54-percent of fantasy leagues.

If all three of those guys are taken, and they might be if you’re playing in a really competitive league, here are a few other options.

  • Marlon Byrd, Cubs - Byrd is only owned in 24-percent of fantasy leagues and has ten RBI on the season.
  • Ryan Sweeney, Athletics - He’s only hitting for a high average and driving in runs (read: no pop or speed), but Sweeney’s nine RBI and .320 batting average should be able to fill in on your fantasy roster. He’s only owned in 5-percent of fantasy leagues.
8 Responses to “Mike Cameron to the Disabled List”
  1. Sexy Ass says:
  2. Cameron not coming today; game still on (fingers crossed); Dogs lineup | Dog Obedience Training says:

    [...] B&#1077&#1495t Pitch » Mike Cameron t&#959 t&#1211&#1077 Disabled List [...]

  3. Indianapolis Tickets says:

    I like Mike Cameron. I really do. But this was a terrible signing for the Red Sox. He’s just a placeholder till Lars Anderson is ready and all you who paid exorbitant prices for season tickets should know by now you got hosed. Same with Marco Scutaro. Iglesias is a year or two away. They weren’t planning to win this year. But enjoy those $5 hot dogs and $7 beers watching Darnell McDonald and Jeremy Hermida roam the outfield.

  4. Chris says:

    Enjoy your site. Lots of good info, and an inspiration to other aspiring writers.

    Agree on Cameron. I questioned the Sox’ pitching and defense strategy, especially given the success they had with the Billy Beane model. Long way to go but looks like this experiment is a failure. I’m an NL guy and Cards fan, so biased, but of the names you mentioned, I like Rasmus. I think he’s going to be a fantasy star before all is said and done… least I hope he will be — I have him on my team!

  5. Ed David says:

    Hard time for Cameron to be honest

  6. Jeff Stempsey says:

    Cameron huge soul, big ambition, will be great for ever.

  7. John Brucato says:

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